Saturday, April 1, 2017

A is for Announcement: Joining A to Z Blog Challenge

I’m sure it cannot escape notice that I have not posted regularly on this blog.  I have decided to recommit to it twice without an appreciable increase in posts.  I recommitted yet again when I added the blog to my AdSense account with dollar signs dancing in my eyes.  Still no increase.  I have now decided, “Hey, why not be really crazy and join the A to Z blog challenge and force myself to not just write a post a day but make it even more difficult by requiring each post to be about something that starts with one required letter a day?”  Add that to finishing a lengthy short story for a deadline and also joining the Camp Nanowrimo challenge not to mention getting the house ready for Passover should keep me busy (and up nights) for the rest of April.  But what will make me stick to it and fulfill these intentions or at least have me sweating guilt if I begin to consider quitting? The old reliable Nano technique:  Announce your intentions making them public and you’ll have to make good on them or face public humiliation and crippling self-doubt followed by the unacceptable result of a quiet distancing of yourself from your entire writing career.

And so I hereby announce that I am joining the A to Z challenge.  Keep me honest people and I will help keep you honest in return with the help of my invisible army of flying monkeys. I think it’s a fabulous idea which will help me be productive in several different types of writing for at least a month, thereby establishing a routine for the future even after April is over.  Or maybe it’s just the fever talking.  Wish me luck.

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