Sunday, April 2, 2017

B is for Blithely as in Blithely Flying Headfirst into Hurricane Force Winds that Stand in Your Way

In order to do this successfully without these winds acting like a brick wall, you must ignore the hidden voices that will try to seduce you into believing it’s okay to slack off, that you can do it later, that you can always write an extra post tomorrow and change its date making it look like it was written today or  make you realize the entire idea was stupid to begin with which results in an insight for which others will applaud  instead of the public humiliation which is one of the primary consequences you were working to avoid by fulfilling the challenge in the first place. 

Uh oh, I think I see a certain cigar smoking somebody frowning at me.  Wait, he’s lowering his cigar.  What’s that?  The voices in the wind are nothing more than defense mechanisms guaranteed to push feelings of anxiety and guilt from my consciousness making me feel that it’s okay to quit without any negative emotional repercussions and you admire my pluckiness in bearing right through them with certainty and with a complete lack hesitation?  Well, thanks doc, for your words of support and encouragement. 

And not it’s on to “C”.

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